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Weekly Open Yoga Classes...

Mondays 11-12noon Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. No classes on Monday 12th or 26th August

Fridays 1-2pm Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Chapel, High Street, Billingshurst. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. No classes on Friday 9th or 16th August. 

Please note that from September this class will happen on Mondays 9-10am -starting on 9th September.

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Here are some events that are happening in the coming months...

Meditations on A Course In Miracles

Thursday 29th August 7.15-8.30pm at The Chapel Hall, Billingshurst Unitarian Church, High St, Billingshurst RH14 9QS

‘I will be still an instant and go home.’

You are invited to join me for an evening of meditation on this line from A Course In Miracles. Home is a place we go to relax and be nourished. We will discuss and explore the ways in which we can find true relaxation and nourishment that isn’t reliant on four walls, certain conditions or favourable situations. The meditations will centre around separating our inner peace from outside circumstances and claiming the deeper peace, connection and nourishment that is always available to us.


To book your place please click below. It's £10 to attend. 


If you are unable to attend for any reason I will be able to refund you if it's possible to find someone to take your space.

Freedom, Release and the Autumn Equinox -a yoga and meditation workshop

Saturday 21st September 10am-1pm at The Cow Shed Studio, Steyning, BN44 3DA

The autumn equinox is a time for releasing what has passed and moving forward. In our body we might do this through a regular yoga practice where we let go of the residue of daily tension and any unnecessary clutching we might have adopted as a response to stress. Yoga asanas also move energy through the body unblocking us in ways that we might not realise we are blocked. Which is why we feel so good after a session!

In the mind and heart we have great potential for more freedom too. Drawing on the energies of the brow chakra (sometimes called the ‘third eye’) I invite you to join me for a morning of intuitively looking at where there is an opportunity for greater freedom and release in our thinking as well as in the body. ‘In the absence of data, we will always make up stories,’ said Brene Brown. We’ll discuss the ways we fill our own mind with unhelpful narratives and meditate on curiosity and the courage it takes to not make up stories and instead ask for clarity.  

The yoga practice will consist of energising and warming vinyasa as well as restful and releasing asana. We will seek out the places where perhaps we have locked away feelings or beliefs that are ready to be gently and gracefully released.

If you feel drawn to come along it’s £35 for the morning which includes light refreshments please click below...

If you have booked your place but are unable to attend I can refund you if somebody else takes your place.

A note about the chakras- In Sanskrit the term ‘Chakra’ means wheel or disk. There are seven main chakras in the body, these energy centres run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of these energy centres governs parts of the body and consciousness. When a centre is blocked, we may feel physically, mentally of emotionally blocked and equally if an energy centre over-whelmed the corresponding area of our body or life will feel that way too.


I'm a Yoga Teacher and Interfaith Minister based in West Sussex. I run regular classes, workshops and retreats and offer personalised ceremonies to couples and individuals of all faiths and none as they pass through the important milestones of life.

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