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Weekly Open Yoga Classes...


Mondays 11-12noon Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. First class of 2018 is on Monday 8th January.


Fridays 1-2pm Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Chapel, High Street, Billingshurst. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. First class of 2018 is on Friday 12th January.


I'm a Yoga Teacher and Interfaith Minister based in West Sussex. I run regular classes, workshops and retreats and offer personalised ceremonies to couples and individuals of all faiths and none as they pass through the important milestones of life.

If you'd like to read about my Interfaith Ministry work please click here...Ceremonies


I also run Conscious Pregnancy Yoga workshop in association with Total Therapy in Horsham to read more about this click here...Pregnancy Yoga


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Meditation Sessions at Sedgwick Park House


Thursday 12th July 7.15-8.30pm


‘If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself.’


When an error occurs; somebody is rude to us, selfish, complacent or unthinking, we get a lot of societal acceptance in labelling them. ‘Oh, he’s a sociopath,’ ‘she’s a compulsive liar,’ ‘he’s so self-centred’ (as if we’re not!), ‘she’s dead inside.’


Yes, they hurt us, maybe they did it for the reasons we said, but it doesn’t help us or anyone else to attack them back – even on the level of thought. We might have to go away and process our feelings with a safe person (a positive friend or counsellor) or meditate or pray.


We can’t attack anything or anyone on any level without it coming back to us. Our attacking quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) undermines our belief in goodness, truth and lovability and because we’re all interconnected what we attack in another we attack in ourselves. The next time we make a mistake (and the chances are we will at some point in life) we’ll think in the same way.


In this session we’ll dig a bit deeper into this concept and talk about the difference between having healthy boundaries and not being walked over or abused (because this is the fear at the root of the compulsion to ‘attack). We’ll meditate on creating peace in places where we are hurt and choose peace over the inner conflict and pain that comes from seeing the guilt in others as immovable.


If you'd like to sign up please kcick the link below. It's £12 for this session. If you have made your booking but are unable to make it I will refund you if I am able to fill your place.



Booking has now closed for this evening but look out for next month's - details coming soon.





Future meditation evenings-


To be confirmed








Summer Solstice Celebration

Sedgwick Park House, Horsham

Thursday 21st June 2018 7.15-9pm


"I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket." Kellie Elmore


The solstice, sometimes called midsummer both ushers in the warmest season, and reminds us that the season is short, slipping away day by day.


Many cultures and traditions celebrate this day as the arrival of summer.


What does summer mean to you? A time to rest and reflect, a time to socialise and play, a time to be in nature or to travel? What are your personal intentions for this summer?


I invite you to join me for an evening of chanting to welcome in the summer season, a steady and energizing yoga practice and an opportunity to walk Sedgwick Park’s own Labyrinth (pictured to the right).

It's £18 to attend, please click below to secure your place.


This event is now SOLD OUT but there will be another seasonal event for the Autumn Equinox so keep your eyes peeled!






Please note that if you have made your booking but are unable to make it I will refund you if I am able to fill your place.













Gaia- A Yoga and Meditation Workshop on the energies of Mother Earth

Sedgwick Park House, Horsham

Saturday 14th July 2018



Gaia is Greek mythology’s ancestral mother of all life. Gaia’s energy is grounded and supportive, practical yet mystical. Some of Gaia’s lessons are deep respect and reverence for nature, including our own basic human nature. Gaia encourages us to nurture and care for all aspects of the self and life unconditionally. Like a mother with her children, Gaia sees past outer behaviours and differences and recognises innate lovability. At the same time she is the wild woman, free and untamed. She is full of possibility and potential, surprises and revelations.


In this workshop we’ll practice grounding and anxiety busting yoga poses and meditations and explore the ways in which Gaia’s energy might have a part to play in our own personal evolution. We’ll spend some time in nature (weather permitting) and soak up the earthy energy of the beautiful Sedgwick Park grounds. We’ll touch on the mythology surrounding Gaia and practice some simple grounding techniques you can learn and use daily, or if and when life or stress shakes your foundations.


This workshop is part of a series (though each one stands alone) I will be offering in 2018 to connect with the energies of women in many of the world’s religions and cultural traditions. From Buddhism’s Green Tara to Christianity’s Mother Mary, Celtic wise women to the Pagan triple goddess, there is much wisdom in the divine feminine. Each workshop will include some learning about the goddess or female deity and a themed yoga practice and meditations to connect with the divine feminine.


The cost of the session is £35 which includes refreshments during the break. To book your place please click here








If you have made your booking but are unable to make it I will refund you only if I am able to fill your place.






To book any of these events or ask a question please get in touch at


You can also find me on facebook at 'Holistic Yoga with Alison Stoker'